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UL6000 progressive press line

Zero clearance slide guides and high rigidity frame construction improvements
have increased our ability to manufacture high precision products.

UL6000 progressive press line
Features of UL6000 progressive press line

●Zero clearance slide guides
High eccentric load performance is achieved through a combination of zero clearance slide guides and a highly rigid frame. The central suspension point can deliver large loads to the product.

●Highly rigid frame construction
Utilized for Progressive, Fine Blanking, Cold Forge Forming and Transfer processing.

●Connecting rod-less press mechanism
By eliminating connecting rods, our press machine has the automation required for both processing and assembly at the same time, with lower overall height of base machine.

●Coil feeders
High speed coil exchange is achieved with an external double coiled labeller. The UL6000's performance is maximized by the incorporation of a 9 work roll straightener with auto volume control for different materials.

[Straightener feeder] (Roller leveller)

Maximum feed length 500〔mm〕
Material specification Material thickness:0.8~9.0〔mm〕
Material width:70~600〔mm〕
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